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Life Extension Omega-3 Fish Oil Gumi “vitamin”

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36 db gumi “vitamin”: glutén és cukormentes halolaj

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Product details “Omega-3 Fish Oil Gummy Bites”


Health benefits at a glance:

First of all, why make a tastier way to take your fish oil? The health benefits of omega-3 EPA and DHA fatty acids are many, and instead of swallowing large soft gels (and tasting the fishy burps that sometimes follow them), you can now enjoy tropical-flavored gummy bites.

Omega-3 Fish Oil Gummy Bites can support heart-, brain, and joint health, promote blood vessel function, and help inhibit inflammation to support whole body health.

Why it works:

Often, omega-3 gummies are low in fish oil levels. Omega-3 Fish Oil Gummy Bites were formulated with advanced technology to deliver levels of fish oil more than four times greater than most gummies, providing 300 mg of EPA and 225 mg of DHA in each bite.

Even though most fish oil comes in soft gels, there are fish oil gummies out there (as mentioned). The problem is finding a gummy with a high potency of omega-3s that is also low in sugar.

The reason for this is the gummy itself; in most scenarios, you can have great taste, or you can have health benefits. Life Extension’s product, on the other hand, is a game-changer. These bites are delicioussugar-free*chewable — and at the same time packed with EPA and DHA fatty acids and all their health benefits. *Not a low-calorie food

The science behind the product:

A unique formulation technology

Normally, gummies are made by mixing nutrients with gelatin and sugar and pouring them into a mold. Life Extension® uses a special formulation technology that suspends billions of tiny droplets of omega-3s within a tasty chewable bite.

Cardiovascular health and omega-3s

Research shows that EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids help maintain a healthy heart. (1) The health benefits of fish oil support more than just the heart and vascular system though.

Promoting healthy cognitive and brain function

Fish oil is good for the brain. Omega-3 fatty acids can encourage healthy cognitive function, help maintain your mood, and promote healthy blood flow in the brain. (2-5)

Fighting inflammation and supporting joints 

Omega-3s can inhibit inflammatory factors to support joint health. (6,7) Getting enough omega-3 fatty acids every day is in other words important for any joint health regimen.

Free from gluten and sugar-free

Unlike many other products, Omega-3 Fish Oil Gummy Bites are delicious, gluten-free, non-GMO, and completely sugar-free. But please note that it’s not a low-calorie food.

So, take care of your heart and cognitive health with a high-potency gummy bite version of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids — and delivered with a great taste of tropical fruit. 

How to use:

Please take according to the dosage and use guidelines under supplement facts


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